27 June 2014

London Film & Comic Con

July, while not a vampire-event-heavy month, does at least host the London Film & Comic Con. Although vampire-specific content is somewhat low in 2014, this is still a great con to attend. Buffy/Angel fans might find it worth stopping by to see Juliet Landau aka Drusilla; Summer Glau (who made her debut as the Prima Ballerina in the "Waiting in the Wings" episode of Angel); and T.J. Thyne (spotted as a lawyer/employee at Wolfram & Hart). All three will be available for autographs.

Beyond Angel alum, there are plenty of interesting classes on offer, many relating to the writing and art of comics. There are also classes on creating a graphic novel and storytelling. In addition you can look forward to Q&A with various guests (some free), zones for specific interests (books, anime, comics, video games...), cosplay, and an extensive marketplace.

London Film & Comic Con 2014 takes place from 11 to 13 July. More info here.

16 June 2014

Vampire Burial in Poland

Vampire burial
A body recently exhumed in northwestern Poland is thought to have undergone a vampire burial. A rock was found inserted between the teeth, some of which had been removed post-mortem. A stake was also inserted into the thigh (originally stakes weren't used to kill suspected vampires, but rather to secure them in place to prevent them going walkabout among the living). The stone in the mouth may have been intended to keep the vampire from eating its own flesh and burial garments, a trait specific to Polish vampire mythology.

More info here.

02 June 2014

Upcoming Events; Slay-a-thon & Blood Vengeance

Want to watch episodes of Buffy and Angel for a good cause? Sign up for this year's Slay-a-Thon (21 June, in Chicago IL) and raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Illinois. You'll also get to participate in games, Q&A, a raffle and an auction. Best of all, the special guest is James Leary, aka Clem the demon. Somebody needs to challenge him to a poker game (or at least a round of D&D). Just leave the kittens at home.

More info here.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in Glasgow, Scotland on the weekend of 19 to 24 June, you might want to check out Blood Vengeance. This unofficial Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, & Twilight convention features meet & greets, photo ops, workshops, and themed parties. The event will be hosted by Jamie Christlow, known as Ian Somerhalder's doppelganger. Guests will include Nathaniel Buzolic, David Alpay, Trent Ford, and Alex Meraz.

More info here.

23 May 2014


It's been a while since I last posted on Blood Lines, but fear not, faithful readers; things are about to pick up around here, starting with some info on upcoming Cons.

For Vampire Diaries fans, there are three unofficial TVD-themed events to look forward to.

If you're lucky enough to be in Rome, Italy, on the weekend of 30 May to 1 June check out Love & Blood ItaCon 2.0, a Vampire Diaries & The Originals fan gathering. Guests include Paul Wesley, Steven R McQueen, Matt Davis, and Nathaniel Buzolic.

More info here.

On the other hand, if from 31 May to 1 June you're in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you might want to attend Vampire Attraction Con. I don't speak Portuguese so I couldn't read the info (hint, guys: include a translation option on your site), but I did gather that the featured guests are Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, and Rick Cosnett.

More info here.

Lastly, from 13-15 June, Insurgence 6 is taking place in Birminham, UK. Guests include Paul Wesley, Steven R McQueen, Rick Cosnett, Zach Roerig, Todd Stashwick, and Michael Malarkey.

More info here.

Each of these cons offers its own unique activities but you can generally count on photo ops, meet & greets, and autograph opportunities. Also be aware that the scheduled guests are subject to change.

Anyone looking for an event with a wider scope should definitely plan to attend Terror Con, taking place in Providence, Rhode Island, from 7 to 6 June.

Terror Con features tons of guests from all branches of horror, sci fi, fantasy, and the paranormal (and for some reason professional wrestling), but the vampire-specific ones include Nicholas Brendan (Buffy), Fred Williamson (From Dusk Til Dawn), Vincent M Ward (True Blood), and Bobby Campo (Being Human).

A highlight of Terror Con has to be Karaoke with Nicholas Brendan. How perfectly Xander is that? The Scoobies would definitely approve.

There are also going to be psychic readings, panels, a costume contest, a live sideshow, and a film festival.

More info here.