31 March 2011

Trailer: Stake Land

Stake Land looks awesome. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a vampire plague is running rampant, what few uninfected humans remain struggle to survive, including orphaned Martin (Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl), who finds a dubious ally in a hunter known as "Mister" (Nick Damici, The Black Donnellys).

I'm definitely a fan of the VILF genre of vampires but I have to say it's nice to see a movie where the only contact you'd want with the monsters is when your stake contacts their undead hearts. Giving the zombie treatment to vamps is also a step in the right direction of reminding us why vampires are still scary.

Stake Land
won the Midnight Madness Audience Award at TIFF 2010 and will be released in theatres 22 April. Can't wait.

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