01 October 2019

New FREE Story: Tooth & Claw

free book by aspasia s. bissas, dark fantasy, vampires, historical, france

Mara, Dominic, and their fellow vampires arrive in Marseille, France in 1909, only to find another predator already on the loose. As the city tries to cope with a killer stalking the streets, Mara struggles to separate memory from delusion. Can she find peace when the past is haunting, the present overwhelming, and the future hopeless? Inspired by real events.

Tooth & Claw is a standalone story set in the Love Lies Bleeding universe.

Get it FREE.

And don't forget to download my other FREE story: Blood Magic.

11 July 2019

E-Book Sale!

Love Lies Bleeding and Blood Magic e-books sale Aspasia S. Bissas

Looking for your next great read? Head over to Smashwords and get Love Lies Bleeding now for 50% off! Love Lies Bleeding, a novel about delusion, obsession, and blood, that one reviewer called “abominably good!”

Don’t forget Blood Magic, a free story in the Love Lies Bleeding universe, about choices, transformation, and retribution. You don't need to read Love Lies Bleeding to enjoy Blood Magic (but it doesn't hurt!)

E-books not your thing? You can also get Love Lies Bleeding in paperback at most online booksellers, including many independent bookshops (see full list here).

The sale is on until 31 July. Thanks for supporting indie 💖

29 June 2019

01 April 2019

New Book and Free Short Story

Dark fantasy novel by Aspasia S. Bissas

What happens when a predator loves its prey?

Centuries-old Mara is dying a slow death when she meets Lee, a young man whose life has never belonged to him. Thrown together, they're forced to fight those who would destroy them and survive a slew of enemies they never expected, even as Mara falls into a downward spiral of delusion and obsession. Will she make a devil's deal to save both their souls? With pasts like theirs, can they ever have a future?

Read reviews of Love Lies Bleeding here.

Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, iBooksBarnes and Noble, Booktopia, Kobo, Indigo, and other booksellers, including indie shops.

Free dark fantasy ebook by Aspasia S. Bissas

On the run from both vampires and hunters, Mara and Lee are forced to confront the bleak reality of their future together. But an unexpected turn of events offers Mara the chance to shift things in her favor--at a cost. Will she walk away or will she embrace the magic?

Blood Magic is a standalone short story that takes place within the novel Love Lies Bleeding by Aspasia S. Bissas. You don't need to read Love Lies Bleeding to enjoy Blood Magic (but it doesn't hurt)

Read a review of Blood Magic here.

Available as a FREE download at Smashwords, iBooksBarnes & Noble, Indigo, Kobo, and other online booksellers.

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02 July 2017

New book and Website!

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my first novel, Love Lies Bleeding. You can get it in paperback or Kindle here. What happens when a predator falls in love with its prey? Click to find out...

In other news, this site has moved to AspasiaSBissas.com: follow me there for exclusive content, deals, and news. You can also find me on FacebookGoodreads, or Twitter. Cheers.