06 October 2009

Vampire Film Festival

New Orleans is host to numerous vampire-related events this month, including the Vampire Film Festival. Besides the films (reason enough to pay a visit), there's going to be parties, a scavenger hunt in the French Quarter, a jazz funeral procession, and discussion panels.

As for the movies, you're spoiled for choice with a selection of 50+ from 11 countries (including shorts). Some of the features include:

Shadowland Strange things are afoot as Laura is stalked by a mysterious young man who may or may not want to kill her. Directed by Wyatt Weed.

The Kiss High school outcast falls for vampire queen and finds out that love bites. Directed by Scott Madden.

The Revenant What do you do when you return from the dead and discover you need to consume human blood, or else face existence as a putrefying animated corpse? Directed by Kerry Prior.

The Death of Alice Blue
New advertising intern Alice Blue discovers that sometimes the boss really is an evil bloodsucker. Directed by Park Bench.

Mangal Sutra Some traditions never die! Directed by Manjit Singh.

Strigoi Ancient myth meets post-communist Romania. Directed by Faye Jackson.

Let Me Die Quietly Alcoholic psychic Mario can relive a victim's last living moments. Too bad no one believes him, making him the ideal candidate to play pawn in a murder plot.

There will also be costume contests, special guests, and "surprises" at all screenings. Select screening will include filmmakers in attendance, followed by Q&A.

For more information and to watch vampire shorts, click here.

To buy tickets (cheaper in advance) or all-access passes, click here.

The Vampire Film Festival goes from 23 October to 26 October 2009, in New Orleans.

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