30 September 2010

Trailer: Renfield the Undead

Speaking of anti-glitter vampires, prepare yourselves for Renfield the Undead, the latest take on the Dracula mythology, this time centred on Dracula's servant (and now successor) Renfield. Personally, my vote for the best version of a Dracula "sequel" goes to Buffy, both the show (Season 5 premiere episode "Buffy vs. Dracula") and the Season 8 comics (various issues). But that's not to say I'm not happy to check out all the latest additions to the Dracula mythos. Bring them on!

Renfield The Undead Trailer


  1. well hopefully i'll like it better than Dracula the un-dead, that one set the bar pretty low for me

  2. Yup--haven't read it yet; not overly anxious to.