24 July 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue #26

Yes, it's another Buffy-related review (see previous post re: Whedon, worshipping at the altar of). Deal with it. But rest assured more non-Buffy content is on its way...

In the meantime, I have to ask again: if you're even a minor fan of the Buffyverse and you're not reading these comics, what are you waiting for? This isn't just a continuation of the TV series; it's the continuation, overseen by the man himself (Joss even gets an Executive Producer credit on the cover). Or maybe you enjoy missing out--I don't know. For the rest of you, read on.

Issue 26 ("Retreat Part 1") finds our Slayer collective on the run, not only from the season's Big Bad and his allies (an army of demons, along with Amy, a resurrected-but-still-skinless Warren, and a certain ex of Buffy's with Initiative), but also from the newly pro-vampire/Slayer-phobic world at large as well. It's not a good time to be a Slayer. Buffy's trying to keep it all together, even as she questions whether they're actually the good guys anymore and worries about what she's doing to Willow. Speaking of, be prepared for a disturbing revelation about our resident red-haired (for now) witch (she's straight again! Just kidding...) Although you never know what'll happen with the return of one of my personal favourites: Oz. There's even a flashback to one of the funniest scenes from season 7, if not the entire series. In short: an excellent issue of an excellent comic.

The series is clearly building to something huge, and I can't wait to see what happens, almost as much as I dread the finale (hope I'm wrong but I have the feeling season 8 is also the final season). But all the things you loved about the TV series are here (and then some), making this comic a must-read for Scoobies and newbies alike.* Even though #26 isn't a stand-alone issue, Oz fans might find it worth getting just for his perfectly executed reintroduction.

Oh, and did I mention it was written by Jane Espenson?

Text Bites

Andrew: When you start using bones in your decorating, you've got too many bones.

Faith: I'm just saying. Waiting for the end in a bunker under Berlin... Got a bad feel to it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Issue #26; art by Georges Jeanty and written by Jane Espenson. From Dark Horse Comics.

*Props and thanks to my brilliant SO for coming up with that one and letting me use it :)

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