02 June 2010

Trailer: The Gates

Looks like there's no end in sight to this vampire "craze." Good thing too, even if I am slightly overwhelmed by everything out there, old and new. Speaking of new, ABC's decided to jump on the bandwagon with their upcoming show: The Gates, premiering 20 June (at 10 pm/9 central). Described as part Buffy (good) and part Desperate Housewives (dear gods, no) I'm sort of looking forward to it and sort of dreading it. Reviews may have to wait, though (did I mention I'm slightly overwhelmed). In the meantime, you can get a taste with this brief trailer:

There's also a series of short videos (press tours, sneak peeks) on the ABC site. Or you can save yourself the trauma of having to go to another page and just watch them here:

If Sunday nights don't work for you, you can always watch the full episodes on ABC's site, so really, there's no excuse for not watching. Unless it sucks (or maybe especially if it does).

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