11 February 2011

The Vampire Diaries S2 E14 "Crying Wolf"

Spoilers Ahead

Well, "Crying Wolf" was an episode for surprises. At least for me, which is partly why I have come to love this show so much (it rarely goes where I think it's headed). But if you've been following season 2 (and I'm not sure why you'd be reading this if you haven't) then settle in and get ready for what's coming.

First of all, someone should tell those werewolves that campfires are not capable of completely consuming a body (unless the body happens to be made entirely of marshmallow). But once again we find them doing precisely that (this time disposing of their buddies killed last episode by Stefan and Damon). As they work, one particularly twitchy little were shares that he's figured out the moonstone is the curse-breaker. Hearing this, Brady decides that they can't let the vampires break the curse, even if they have to kill every last vamp in Mystic Falls (no surprises here).

The first surprise comes courtesy of Damon. Newsgirl Andie lives! I thought for sure she was a goner last episode--way to hold off on the homicide! Of course he compels her not to tell anyone about the bite (they need to find a way to heal those things--jaunty scarves tied around the neck are getting old). The next surprise--not as good--happens when Damon compels Andie to fall in love with him. That was a definite WTF moment. I can't figure this one out: does he really need to be loved that badly, or is he planning on taking out some of his Elena frustration by breaking Andie's heart? Or maybe he thinks he'll make Elena jealous? Strange.

Speaking of Elena, after her slumber party with the gals she asks Stefan to take her away from it all. Again I have to ask--does she even go to school anymore? I'm fairly sure it's not summer vacation. Whatever. They finally break out Stefan's gorgeous vintage car and head up to Elena's secluded family lake house. Is anyone else expecting some guy with a chainsaw (hockey mask optional) to come out of the woods?

Back in Mystic Falls Alaric and Damon occupy themselves with a visit to the Lockwood mansion for a tea party being held in Elijah's honour (in his guise as historian researching local history). Alaric is sidetracked by John, who is acting his usual charming self. He "suggests" that Alaric should no longer spend nights at the Gilbert residence and threatens to tell Jenna about all of Alaric's extracurricular activities (I'd like to hear that conversation. John: Your boyfriend hangs out with vampires. Jenna: Excuse me while I give the nice men in white coats a call...) He also informs Alaric that he wants "his" immortality ring back (uh, maybe you shouldn't have given it to Isobel in the first place).

Meanwhile, I think Damon missed his calling as a diplomat. Yes, I am being sarcastic. Don't get me wrong--I love straightforward, to-the-point characters (probably because I can relate to them, although I tend to be far less successful with it than they usually are). But attacking Elijah--who is not only older and stronger but is also an Original--is just plain stupid. I guess Damon figured he had nothing to lose by trying, although the high likelihood of being killed maybe should have occurred to him. In any case, Elijah has no trouble putting Damon in his place (with a pencil in the neck--ouch). The fact that Damon is still of use to Elijah is the only thing that keeps him alive.

At Damon's later, he and Alaric talk about the impending difficulty in killing Elijah. Neither of them are particularly convinced they can trust John's dagger and ashes. As Alaric is letting himself out Damon suddenly hears crashing sounds. Going to investigate he sees Alaric stumbling with a knife in his stomach. Before Damon can help him the twitchy werewolf jumps out and manages to empty a syringe of sedative (I don't think it's vervain as Damon and Stefan have been dosing themselves with the herb to build an immunity) into Damon's neck (again with the neck. And we aren't done yet). Damon doesn't go down without a fight but things aren't looking good for him.

He ends up regaining consciousness chained to a chair with a spiked collar around--duh--his neck (the spikes turn inward, and another chain is attached to it like a leash). The twitchy were is a little too proud of himself as he describes how he was inspired to create the torture collar. The weres proceed to use it on Damon as they try to get him to tell them where the moonstone is.

Elsewhere Bonnie, Caroline, and Jeremy drug and kidnap Luka so that Bonnie can entrance him and find out more about Elijah's plan. When exactly did people finally decide that the ends do justify the means (I'm guessing sometime post 9/11)? It's one thing for adult weres and vampires to cross moral boundaries but I find it a little creepy when human teens are regularly doing it. You've got to wonder what Bonnie will do when she wants to get her way in a relationship (Jeremy should watch his back).

Luka tries to resist but Bonnie eventually wears him down. He finally admits that he and his dad are working for Elijah because Elijah wants Klaus dead and Klaus has kidnapped Luka's sister (another powerful witch whom he is using to try to break the curse without needing a doppelganger). Elijah has promised to free the sister if they help him. When Bonnie presses him on how to kill an Original, Luka finally admits that their only chance is to get Klaus when he's vulnerable--which will be after the sacrifice of the doppelganger (i.e., Elena). Seems a little fishy to me--there's got to be another point of vulnerability. Either that or it's all a little too convenient. Also convenient is that Luka won't remember anything of his time with Bonnie beyond passing out.

Ty meets up with Jules and the other weres, where he's informed that they need his help to find the moonstone. They fill him in on the curse details (like how if they break the curse they can then control when and if they change into wolves) and also mention that they need to find Mason's vampire girlfriend "Kathy." When they show Ty a photo of Kathy he accidentally lets slip that Elena is the doppelganger. The hunt is on. After Ty not-so-stealthily steals Caroline's phone he uses it to text Elena, who then lets "Caroline" know she's at the lake house. So maybe not so much a guy with a chainsaw coming out of the woods as a bunch of rabid werewolves. I think I'd prefer chainsaw guy.

But before the weres show up Elena and Stefan stumble across a secret weapons room in the lake house--full of vamp-hunting supplies, as well as the missing Johnathon Gilbert journals. Too bad--I was hoping for treasure. Or at least a trapped vampire. I'm sure the journals will ultimately prove more useful, though.

While Elena pores over the journals Stefan heads out to collect firewood (he's so manly). That's when chainsaw guy comes out of the woods. Well, okay, it's actually Brady with wooden bullets. He puts Stefan down and leaves Ty to guard him while he goes after Elena. Desperate, Stefan asks Ty to help him and Ty responds by shooting him in the knee. Seriously--WTF is up with the teenagers of Mystic Falls? And Stefan must have the patience of a saint. Instead of threatening to tear Ty apart, as anyone else would be doing, he instead takes a moment to inform Ty of the consequences of his actions (in other words, what the weres are really planning on doing with Elena).

Elena, meanwhile, is starting to realize that something's up. Sensing danger, she's prepared when Brady appears, stabbing him and running. There's a bit of a chase through the house, which ends when Elena runs outside. Brady follows and Stefan is waiting just outside the door. A moment later Brady is missing his heart and all is well again. Ty apologizes, claiming he had no idea what the weres were going to do to Elena; he just wanted the lycanthrope curse lifted. Verging on saintlike herself, Elena gives Ty a comforting hug.

No hugs for Damon, though; he's still being tortured. But he's nowhere near breaking. I knew he'd find a way out of the situation but I wasn't expecting Elijah to show up. He teases the weres with the moonstone before killing them one by one (except for Jules who skulks away). Damon gives a fantastic impressed look as Elijah easily kills the weres; I get the feeling he's suddenly got a whole lot more respect for Elijah. Once the weres are done, Elijah releases Damon and leaves. Alaric eventually returns to life, while Damon catches up on everyone else's news and cleans up (has anyone else noticed that it's always Damon who cleans up after attacks? Ladies, he's hot and domestic!) The upshot of all the drama is that Damon and Stefan agree to keep Elena at the relatively safe lake house a while longer.

There's also a fair bit of relationship upheaval this episode. Things start out rocky for Matt and Caroline as he gives her a particularly frosty shoulder and informs her he knows she was lying about spending time with Bonnie the night before. He then takes out some of his frustration on Ty, snapping at him that he (Ty) and Caroline shouldn't lie about the relationship Matt believes they have. Oh, Matt--you know what happens when you assume.

Stefan and Elena start out sickeningly lovey and end up strained when Stefan finds out that Elijah's plan all along has been to kill Elena...and that Elena knew and accepted it. The fact that Elena is so willing to give up her life upsets and disgusts Stefan. Looks like things are going to be tense around the lake house.

Making good on his threats to Alaric, John decides to stir up trouble for him and Jenna, making a point of mentioning what a liar Alaric is and telling Jenna she should ask him what really happened to his wife. By the end of the episode things are still okay between the two of them but it's clear Jenna is starting to have doubts.

Bonnie and Jeremy finally kiss! Woo. As this particular relationship holds no interest whatsoever for me, I don't care one way or the other. But I do like how Bonnie decided to give Jeremy a chance only after Caroline pointed out that the two of them (as a vampire and a witch) can't really be picky about who they date. Classy.

The episode ends on a "Ty" note (ha ha). He actually does leave a note, though--for his mom, no doubt explaining why he's running off with Mason's annoying friend Jules. Before he leaves he also stops by to see Matt, where he tells Matt to be good to Caroline because she loves and needs him. Ty takes a final moment to watch Caroline from a distance, although he doesn't approach her. And then he elicits a promise of "no more lies" from Jules before they drive off together into the night.

So that kind of sucks about Ty leaving, although I have the feeling he'll be back. I wonder if Damon and Stefan are ever going to get tired of bailing Elena out of one crisis after another. And is Alaric going to come clean to Jenna about Isobel and vampires in general? Also, is anyone else kind of hoping Elijah will stick around after Klaus is killed? After all, you can never have too many vampires around (I should stitch that on a pillow).

Fang Files

Appearance: Pale humans until the vampire emerges; then dark/red eyes, dark facial veins and long, curved fangs. Vampire bites are vicious looking.

Strengths: Ability to compel/hypnotize humans. Super strength, speed. Ability to withstand pain. The older the vampire the stronger they are.

Weaknesses: Wood. Heavy sedation.

Mythology: Vampires need an invitation to enter a private residence. The way to (supposedly) kill an Original is to dip a specific dagger in the ashes of an ancient tree and then plunge the dagger into the vampire's heart.

Sound Bites

Jeremy: What kind of witch roofie was that?
Bonnie: A strong one.

Elijah: [to Damon] The moment you're no longer of any use to me you're dead. So...you should do what I say. Keep Elena safe.

Alaric: Just don't kill her [Andie]. Please.
Damon: Who would report her death if I did?

The Vampire Diaries, S2 E14 "Crying Wolf." Written by Brian Young. Directed by David Von Ancken. From The CW.

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