18 August 2009

Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #1

Spoilers Ahead

I was excited to stumble across Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs, a four-issue comic that bridges the original movie (see my review) with the direct-to-DVD sequel, Lost Boys: Tribe (review coming as soon as I'm done with the comics). My feeling was the more Lost Boys the better, and issue 1 of RoF didn't disappoint.

Starting off in 2007, Edgar Frog has left Santa Carla for a life of shaping surf boards in a cross-encrusted warehouse in Luna Bay, California. A young boy (unnamed) shows up and tells him he wants to be his apprentice--not in making surf boards, but in hunting vampires. Edgar is less than receptive. He flashes back to 1990 in an attempt to dissuade the kid, starting his tale in Washington DC as he and his brother, Alan, take stakes to congress and the senate. Although entertaining (particularly as he tries to convince the kid that America's founding fathers were vampire hunters), the story really gets interesting when the Frog brothers return to the boardwalk at Santa Carla.

The writing is good, really capturing the voices of the Frog brothers and the original movie. The artwork is also good, clean and uncluttered--it moves the story forward as all good comic art should. And while the characters are all recognizable, the art does veer in the direction of stylized rather than ultra realistic. The characters don't look so much like themselves as themselves after spending a hell of a lot of time at the gym. Santa Carla is still, however, incontrovertibly itself and I know I got a little jolt of excitement seeing it again.

All in all, RoF #1 is a good reintroduction to the Lost Boys world, and it left me anxious to see more.

Text Bites

Edgar: Nosferatu, your time of reckoning has come!
Alan: Prepare to meet the fury of the Frog brothers!

Vampire: Your fate is sealed, insect.
Edgar: Seal this, death breath!

Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #1; art by Joel Gomez. Written by Hans Rodionoff. From DC Comics/WildStorm.

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